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Human Resources Management System

SparkHRMS is a very comprehensive, efficient, and easy to use Human Resources Management System, designed to help organizations manage all their HR operations professionally.

SparkHRMS system gives organizations the ability to easily control all human resources processes through the latest technology.

SparkHRMS provides organizations with a wide range of integrated processes covering all areas of HR management to manage all aspects easily and professionally.

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SparkHRMS Main Features

SparkHRMS is designed to suit big and medium companies with many branches and many business cycles.

  • A web-based system

  • Works on Microsoft Windows

  • Designed to work on standard databases (MSSQL Server)

  • Supports multi-company, and multi-branch in one centralized database

  • Support printing on local or networked printers

  • Supports end of year operations e.g.(shift vacations balances, provisions balances)

  • Supports importing data from MS EXCEL©

  • Supports exporting reports contents to Word, Excel, and PDF

  • In organization chart the system supports moving of employees or whole departments to another sector

  • Integrates with GL and can distribute on the cost centers for all the automatic calculations

  • Supports all termination actions (resigned, deceased, end of fixed term contract, retirement, relocating)

  • Supports fixed, free and overnight time shifts.

  • The system allows defining all kinds of Time Shifts then links these shifts to one employee or a group of employees.

  • Can record detailed data for employees such as training courses and work experience, contracts, etc

  • Can send notifications to employees or managers by e-mail to alert them to any required actions (Email Notifications)

  • Multi-language user interface (Arabic - English) for fields - reports – system alerts and errors

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Personnel Module

  • supports all personnel operations such as appointments, termination, secondment. registeration of all employees data.

  • see brochure for more details

Time Attendance Module

  • Supports all kinds of time shifts fixed, turn, overnight and free shifts, and supports all kinds of short and over time rules.

  • see brochure for more details 

Appraisal Module

  • Supports registration of different types of objective groups and link them with departments or employees

  • see brochure for more details 

Payroll Module

  • Supports all kinds of earnings and deductions through equations.

  • see brochure for more details

Self-service with workflow Module

  • all requests are supported and can be done from self service and linked to certain work flow.

  • see brochure for more details

Recruitment Module

The system allows the registration of a training plan to which you can link employees, and it includes the following:

  • Basic data of the plan and its objective

  • The expected cost of the training courses selected in the plan

  • Employees groups included in the training plan

  • Training courses related to the employees group

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