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SmartBank - Core Banking Systems

SmartBank is the flagship product of Banking and Finance Information technology (BFSOFT), covering the retail and wholesale bank requirements, Developed with the vision of global and local banking practice in mind. Our aim is to enable the banks to offer their customers the latest, the most reliable, the best and the most competitive banking services.

SmartBank is a:

  • Platform Independent.

  • Developed using state of the art software. development tools using the object oriented technology and based on the client/Server architecture.

  • Runs on different Platforms.

  • Supports the major standard RDBMS.

Modern Architecture
White Structure

SmartBank is:

  • Integrated

  • Modular

  • Multi-lingual

  • Multi-Currency

  • Multi-Branch Banking System

  • Supports any chart of accounts

  • Supports traditional and Islamic banking

  • Supports Basel 2 requirements like central customer account, customer and bank measuring tools.

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