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SparkIBK - Islamic Banking System

BFSOFT SparkIBK Islamic Banking Solution has been designed carefully according to the Islamic Banking rules and fully compliant with Shariah fundamentals. Keeping in mind that the "Sources of Fund" links to "Uses of Fund" based on Shariah approved Islamic "Contract" for the purpose of Profit Sharing.

BFSOFT SparkIBK Islamic Banking Solution offers Islamic banks an Islamic solutions alternative to financial services offered by commercial banks. It also allows commercial banks to use Islamic banking products in their banking activities.


SparkIBK  Modules

SparkIBK Islamic Banking is a comprehensive system which provides Islamic Banks with a wide range of  Islamic Banking products for the retail and corporate customers , under each of the following modules many products can be created:

  • Murabahah

  • Mudarabah

  • Musharakah

  • Islamic Investment Time deposit

  • Ijarah

  • Qard hassan

  • Tawarruq Deal

  • Istisna'a

  • Bai Salam

  • Parallel Salam

  • Parallel Istisna'a

Modern Architecture
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SmartBank, built on standard technology infrastructure, works as bank end to SparkIBK which allows the addressing of both conventional banks and Islamic banks including international requirements. It allows the flexibility to add Islamic banking services to a branch of choice and eventually converted to Islamic banking branch.​

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