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Our solutions include Siron compliance systems for financial institutions, human Resources Management Solutions through the SparkHRMS system, as well as Core Banking Systems and Islamic Banking Systems

IMTF Siron Compliance Solutions

As a response to statutory requirements, IMTF has developed Siron™ with the aim to effectively support banks in combating white-collar crime. All components of Siron™ may be used individually or in combination.


Core Banking System

BFSOFT provide Banks with SmartBank which is a very comprehensive core banking system and includes all modules needed for traditional banks 



SparkHRMS, BFSOFT Product,  is a very comprehensive, efficient, and easy to use Human Resources Management System, designed to help organizations manage all their HR operations professionally


Islamic Banking System

SparkIBK is a very comprehensive Islamic banking systems which includes all Islamic products like 

Murabaha, Musharaka, and Salam etc...

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